Playground for Staples Elementary School

Let's Play!

The Staples Minnesota Elementary School wanted to invest in a new playground structure that would help kids with physical development as well as emotional and social development. It had been many years since the playground had a structure installed that met these specific requirements.

After more than 3 years of fundraising by the local Parent Teacher Connection (PTC), the School was able to use the raised funds along with a flexible Municipal lease program through NCL to purchase a new Little Tykes playground. The joyous ribbon cutting ceremony was an event that the school, the parents the kids and all of us at NCL and NJPA will not soon forget!

The volunteers in the photos were friends and past co-workers of mine from the school & community. They (the school) were really grateful for the whole thing especially the financing. The facility manager said without the financing they would never have the ability to afford this kind of a project.

Gordy Thompson, Contract Manager NJPA