Copiers for Anoka County

A Successful Project we Strive to Copy

The government offices of Anoka county Minnesota were in need of state of the art copiers for use across many different county department and agencies. They were in need of over 100 copiers and were dealing with a limited yearly budget for such a large purchase.

As a member of the NJPA cooperative purchasing alliance, Anoka chose SHARP as the copier vendor of choice. NCL, the government financing partner for Sharp, offered a flexible monthly finance option using a tax-free municipal lease which delivered the county a market low rate that fit perfectly into their yearly budget. This municipal lease did not constitute long-term debt, therefore eliminating the lengthy process of a bond approval. NCL eliminated the contract hurdles to ensure the copiers were delivered and installed quickly. . NCL also created a streamlined invoicing solution for the county to easily deliver, track, and maintain all payment schedules saving them time and money.

The services that National Cooperative Leasing has provided Anoka County have been accommodating. NCL was willing to meet with Anoka County and make changes to the terms and conditions of the documents in order to meet the needs of both parties. They have also been willing to work with the County on invoicing structure that meets our needs.

Lindsey Felgate, Purchasing Manager

Anoka County Government Center - financining printers for the office