Why choose municipal financing?

Quick Delivery: Municipal financing allows a Government Agency to obtain needed equipment immediately without waiting for voter approval through a bond issue. This increases productivity and reduces time and expenses associated with any bond issuance.

Non-Appropriation: This clause is unique only to the municipal lease. If for any reason the government agency does not have funds appropriated for the annual payments, they can terminate the lease without penalty.

Soft Costs Included. 100% of equipment as well as site preparation, installation, training and maintenance can all be included in the lease. Because the acquisition costs are spread over multiple fiscal years, a municipal lease removes budgetary constraints and allows for 3 times more purchase power. More units can be purchased and/or accessory upgrades installed.

Ownership: The agency takes ownership of the equipment on day one. There is no buy-out or residual at the end of the term.

Flexible Payment Options: The payment is tailored to suit the needs of each Government Agency we work with. Annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly payment intervals are available with terms extending to 10 years if needed.

Nothing Down: For the majority of municipal financing plans there is no down payment or security deposit required. NCL can also offer a delayed payment offering so that the first payment is deferred up to one year from the date of purchase.

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